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The most valuable and the main concern that every person has in life is his/her health. And for most people, medicines remain the primary solution for the prevention and treatment of various diseases. But how to buy Modafinil and not get broke? The strategy of every online business, as well as these pharmacies, is based on favorable Modafinil prices, a wide range of products, and an individual approach. If customers need some rare, expensive drug like Modafinil (Provigil), they can find it at a very favorable price here.

Hyatt Pharmacy
Address: 2321 30th Ave, Queens, NY 11102, United States | Phone: (347) 808-7726 | Website:

Convenient location, varied selection, and extremely helpful staff. I didn’t expect much from Hyatt Pharmacy when I saw the low rating, but my experiences here have been outstanding. I work nearby, so I stop by for odds and ends that are always well-stocked. They even had Modafinil. The friendly staff walk by and offer to help. When I needed an Rx in a hurry, my Dr. called it in, I called later with my insurance info, and it was ready for pick up in 15 minutes! Shabat (sp?) at the pharmacy counter was very helpful on the phone, and when I stopped by to pick it up, she acknowledged me with a smile and very good service. Refreshing customer care and quality of service!

I’d give them 0 stars if I could. Prescriptions are never ready on time, even when you call 1/2 hour ahead and they tell you it’s already done. If you have a supplement plan, give yourself extra time to wait while they run it because they only ever run one plan until you tell them to. Slowest drive-thru on the planet, and no one seems to care that they are terrible at their jobs.

Broadway Drugs Inc.
Address: 3408 Broadway, Queens, NY 11106, United States | Phone: (718) 728-1212 | Website:

Masks required. Service dog-friendly Broadway Drugs Inc. is a Wonderland of goodies. They Have a lot of different varieties of things you can get here, from food to hair necessities to Baby supplies, and way more. The pharmacy was easy and fast service. The people working here are friendly and answer every question you throw at them to the best of their abilities. I like how they carry Attractive canes for women here. Most of the places we go to don’t have very many options for women’s canes. You have to find a cane that looks very masculine. The store is a good size, so it’s easy to maintain social distancing. There also wasn’t a lot of people here, so that made it easy too.

One star because it’s required. Broadway Drugs Inc. itself is wonderful, and this pharmacy would be so convenient if the staff were remotely helpful. They do not know where to locate anything I have ever asked about, do not answer questions, and it’s SLOW! The drive-through is awful. Save your time and go through Walgreens or CVS.

Titan Pharmacy
Address: 35-19 31st Ave, Queens, NY 11106, United States | Phone: (718) 267-8063 | Website:

I am a patient and also a semi-retired physician. Based on my personal experience with various pharmacies, I give the Titan Pharmacy 5-stars for accuracy, price, and especially for service. Have you ever arrived at a pharmacy only to find that there’s some problem with the prescription and it’s not ready to pick up? When that’s happened to me, I got a phone call from the Titan Pharmacy BEFORE I arrived for pickup. On another occasion, they called to warn me regarding the price of Modafinil and suggested how I might get a discount coupon. The staff is very pleasant at the pickup window, and although they are also very busy, they take the time to be helpful!

I find it very disturbing that the drive-through is constantly down, that’s exactly what I want to do after a long day at work is come through the drive-through pick up window to only find that same sticker that the drive-through is broken come inside, s million corporations and they can fix the drive-through? I find it very suspicious, if you’re short-staffed, then say you’re short-staffed, but don’t inconvenience the drive-through, or if that’s the case, don’t have one.

Address: 45-01 30th Ave, Astoria, NY 11103, United States | Phone: (718) 545-1010 | Website:

I recently switched my pharmacy to Avenue Chemists Pharmacy, and although it’s further than my previous one (it was literally across the street), the service is superior. No complaints about my old pharmacy, but this Avenue Chemists Pharmacy location is efficient and extremely friendly. The pharmacist and technician had me cracking up the whole time. They were both super helpful and understanding and didn’t make me feel like a burden with my confusing Provigil prescriptions. Awesome deals and cheaper prescriptions as well. The staff is truly what makes this place stand out, though. They work very hard and deal with, I’m sure, some unpleasant people. Hopefully, they get the recognition they deserve. I appreciate their kindness and patience!

I called the pharmacy wanting to talk about Modafinil prescription, and the woman was very nasty and rude. And also, when my husband went in for his prescription, she was very nasty and rude to him too. I would give them zero Stars if I could. I refuse to go to this Avenue Chemists Pharmacy ever again. I’m getting my prescriptions to switch to Costco.