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These online pharmacies keep a low pricing policy with high-quality service. All Ivermectin medicines are certified and examined directly at the pharmacy. Here you will find everything that your local pharmacy is missing such as Stromectol for sale or any other medications you need for your health.

30th avenue pharmacy
Address: 3506 30th Ave, Astoria, NY 11103, United States | Phone: (718) 777-8544 | Website:

30th avenue pharmacy is simply excellent! This is a hometown, locally owned business that truly supports and cares about the people they serve. That says a lot and means a lot! They always go the “extra mile” for their customers, and you can tell they’re appreciative. Remember, shop and support our local businesses. Excellent service, knowledgeable, reliable, and caring staff… just a great pharmacy. Great hometown service. Great ownership and staff.

I called Stromectol and some other multiple meds almost a week ago, and it says it’s ready for pick up, but every time I go there, it’s never ready, and they tell me to come back the next day. Today I went back, and besides my meds still not being ready, they “can’t find” the rest of them, and they tried to charge me $40 without me receiving them. They’re always in the back on their phones while customers are standing in line. It’s getting ridiculous.

Wellness Center Pharmacy
Address: 40-13 Broadway, Astoria, NY 11103, United States | Phone: (718) 956-0060 | Website:

Friendly personal service. The convenient packaging of meds means no pillbox is needed. Synchronized prescriptions in 2 months. Home delivery if needed. Check them out, and you will be happy you did. Update November 2018 -I’ve been using Wellness Center Pharmacy for over a year now and have never been dissatisfied. It’s more than just being greeted with a smile, the individualized service they provide – you won’t get it at a chain. Try them, and you will see the difference too.

Rude! I called to try and explain my situation and was put on hold 3 times while being cut off each time. It took me three times to attempt to explain the issue. Then the lady that kept putting me on hold somehow disconnected me. So I called back, and they said they could not help me. Keep in mind, I have used Wellness Center Pharmacy for YEARS!

Harpell’s Ditmars Pharmacy
Address: 23-25 31st St, Astoria, NY 11105, United States | Phone: (718) 278-5454 | Website:

I switched to Harpell’s Ditmars Pharmacy from CVS about a month and a half ago. I am SO happy that I did. They treat their patients with respect and engage in meaningful interactions with everyone. Each visit is so personalized – they recognize you, care about you, and want you to be satisfied. The team at Harpell’s Ditmars Pharmacy is happy to do what they do, and you can feel it each time you interact with them. It’s really difficult to find this kind of customer service today.

I received Poor customer service today from Roseanne in the pharmacy department not sure what exactly I did wrong, but she bagged my prescription and lightly threw it at me, and smiled. I’m not sure if she was angry or happy, but it made me feel uncomfortable when she threw it, I thought I had done something wrong. Oh well, I will not be returning to this pharmacy or even the healthcare establishment in which the pharmacy is located.

Crescent Apothecary
Address: 25-01 Ditmars Blvd, Queens, NY 11105, United States | Phone: (718) 777-1110 | Website:

Never had any problems here. After I started a new medication – Stromectol, the pharmacist called me a few days later to check and make sure everything was going well and there were no side effects. I’ve never had a pharmacy put that much care into their customer service. Always a quick checkout and always get Ivermectin prescription filled quickly as well. I never had to wait more than 10 minutes, even when quoted a longer time. Very happy with this location.

Crescent Apothecary discriminate against Asians. I went there a few times, once with my daughters, and they wouldn’t help us with our vaccine even though we were there 1st. And 1 day, they wouldn’t get me my prescription and would avoid me and help others 1st. I know it’s been tough with the Covid 19, but this is the time we need to help each other out the most and not discriminate. I will also let corporate know.